Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to move beyond the book club?


If you’re here you must be looking for ways to understand your power as an ally for racial justice and learn how to take your allyship practice to the next level.  No matter where you are on your path, I’m glad you’re here.  Your future success is determined by the steps you take today – that’s where we at Terra Firma Cultural want to help.

The quiz below is to help assess where you are most ready and able to grow as an ally.  If you are taking this quiz as a representative of a business or other organization, please take the "I" in each statement to mean the business or organization you represent.

Answer for where you are right now, not what you think would be ideal. Each section represents an important element for practicing consistent, effective, and sustained allyship.  In just 4 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you are on track toward becoming a bold, brave ally for racial justice
  2. What areas you need to focus on to deepen your allyship practice so that you can show up better.

After taking the assessment, check your inbox right away. You’ll receive your resulting score and some important next steps based on where you are today.

For each statement you see, give yourself a score between 0 and 10.  Consider these general breakdowns:

0 -  3 = This doesn’t describe me at all.
4 -  8 = This somewhat describes me.
9 -10 = This describes me to a tee.

I. Awareness

1. I view racism as existing mostly in things like cultural values and policies.

2. I feel comfortable explaining to others what race/racism is and why it matters.

3. I have a clear understanding of the ways racism affects my own life (whether positively or negatively).

II. Abundance

1. I consider myself to be genuinely curious about the experiences of other people?

2. I am usually comfortable engaging others in difficult conversations about race

3. I rarely hesitate to speak out about racism when I see it.

III. Accountable Action

1. I know what talents and skills I have to offer groups working for causes I care about.

2. I keep my finger on the pulse of local activism and know what groups near me are doing.

3. There is at least one person in my life who regularly talks with me about my social justice work.

IV. Commitment Level (0 = not committed, 10 = totally committed)

1. I want to move "beyond the book club" to take meaningful action for social justice.

2. I am 100% committed to learning what’s been holding me back from "being the change" I want to see in the world

3. I value the opportunity to speak with someone to strategize ways to help me develop my potential as an ally.

4. I am open to invest in getting expert support to help me grow and blossom as an ally for racial justice.

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