Ready Set Retire Quiz

Welcome! Retirement is a big step and getting a head start figuring out what you’re coming years will look like is key to making your retirement wonderful.

This is exactly why I’ve created the Ready Set Retire Quiz.  In as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only discover the areas where you are on track and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention. 

But we won’t stop there. After taking this assessment/quiz, check your inbox right away. There you will find a summary of your results and some important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your path to retirement.

My promise is that you will come away from this experience feeling clear, inspired, and ready to take powerful action to make retirement the BEST part of your life.

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all.
4 = I’ve given this some attention.
7 = I’m doing really well here.
10 = I have handled this completely.

I. My Financial Picture

1. I know what my net worth is today and feel confident in where I have invested.

2. I track my investments monthly and know the balance, current growth rate and annual ROI.

3. I have documented the details of my financial picture and have made it available to someone in the case of my death.

4. I review my investment strategy annually and make adjustments based on my goals and the financial markets.

II. My Wealth Building Strategy

1. I know the amount I need in my portfolio at retirement in order to maintain my desired quality of life.

2. I have established an amount by which I want to grow my net worth each year.

3. I have accurately calculated the level of risk I can wisely take on at this stage of my wealth building process.

4. I understand the tax consequences of my investment strategy and I'm confident my decisions minimize my tax liability.

III. Protecting My Finances

1. In the event of my death, I have taken steps to protect my assets and provide for my loved ones.

2. I have a liquid financial reserve of at least 6 months of living expenses to protect against an unexpected financial burden.

3. I am confident in how my investments are diversified to protect against fluctuations in the financial markets.

4. I have a Certified Financial Planner or Advisor to whom I can seek counsel from in the event of a drastic market fluctuation.

IV. Lifestyle & Leisure

1. I have a vision for where I want to live and places I want to travel during retirement.

2. I have developed a network of friends and acquaintences that I enjoy spending time with outside of work.

3. I enjoy a number of hobbies that I am looking forward to exploring in my retirement years.

4. I am feeling a sense of optimism about retirement and at peace with my retirement plan.

V. Your Commitment Level (0 = not at all committed, 10 = highly committed!)

1. I am committed to take the steps necessary to secure a happy and fulfilling retirement.

2. I am open to investing in the support and guidance I need to anticipate and plan for my retirement needs.

3. I highly value the offer of a "Retirement Ready Consultation" and would like to schedule one soon.

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