Financial Wellness Assessment

Do you ever wonder How am I doing Financially?

If you are like most people, you have no way to test your financial strengths and weaknesses. 

This is why Sharon created our Financial Wellness Assessment, a quick and easy way to understand your financial health.

This tool helps you EVALUATE your financial health and identify the areas you need to focus on to Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise™.

Within minutes, your financial fitness results will be emailed to you and you will discover:

  • Your Financial Fitness Level
  • Your Areas of Confidence and Concern

Taking our Financial Health Assessment will put you one step closer to making your financial future EPPIC™!

Be honest with yourself when using the sliding scale to measure your confidence level for each question.  

0 = I am not confident at all.

10 = I am 100% confident.

Discover The EPPIC Method:

5 Steps to Be More Healthy Wealthy and Wise™

I. Evaluate

1. I can quickly obtain today's value of what I own and owe, telling me my net worth.

2. I feel financially well-organized.

3. I believe I am financially healthy and stable.

4. I have enough monthly income to meet my expenses.

5. I am confident my money flows in and out efficiently, making the most of every dollar I receive, own and spend.

II. Plan

1. I am confident I WILL NOT run out of money before I run out of life.

2. I know the most efficient way to take money from my investments if/when needed.

3. I have a plan in place to meet each of my financial goals and measure my success each year.

4. As not to cause additional stress to my family or undue taxes, I am confident I have up to date estate planning documents and beneficiary elections that will follow my wishes upon a healthcare issue and at my death.

5. I know how to structure my debt to pay it off faster and to pay less interest.

III. Protect

1. I am confident I can handle an unexpected expense.

2. I am confident I have proactively protected my identity.

3. I understand all my insurance policies and am confident they are appropriate and up-to-date.

4. I feel confident that in the event of my (and/or spouse's) death there is enough assets and/or life insurance to sustain the needs of my household.

5. If I (or spouse) have a serious accident or illness or need extended care, I am confident I can meet my household's living expenses with disability, long-term care insurance or my savings.

IV. Invest

1. I am confident my investments are appropriate for me.

2. I am well-diversified and not reliant on a single investment.

3. I understand the purpose and benefit of each investment I own.

4. I can easily get answers to questions I have about each of my investments.

5. I am confident my overall investment plan can sustain market volatility.

V. Coach

1. I have a system in place to review my financial life monthly and annually.

2. My family and I discuss financial matters often.

3. I have a positive wealth mindset. Money does not create stress for me.

4. I receive regular professional proactive advice regarding key financial issues.

5. I would consider my financial situation healthy.

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