A Window to the CORE

What if 4 minutes could serve as a window into your performance?

I am so glad you are here! I am looking forward to connecting with you for our discovery session.

To make the most of our time together, please complete the A Window to the CORE below.  Each section represents an important element for creating the results you want. In just 4 minutes you’ll discover three things:

  1. Where you are on track toward massive growth.
  2. What areas you need to focus on to make changes.
  3. What your next steps should be to cultivate excellence.

Then, check your inbox for your results right away and be sure to have them with you for our session. I am so thrilled to be able to have this time with you to explore what’s possible!

0-3 = I haven't started this yet.
4 -6= I've given this some attention.
7 -9= I'm doing really well here.
10 = I have totally mastered this.

I. CORE Foundation

1. I have a clear understanding of the way I function most naturally and efficiently.

2. I know exactly what my purpose is and how to communicate it.

3. I know precisely where I want to make an impact.

4. I have a compelling "why" that drives my actions.

5. I have a timeline for when and how to reach my goals.

II. CORE Mindset

1. I have strategies for moving out of a place of fear, disappointment or negativity.

2. I clearly know how to leverage my strengths to produce wealth.

3. I daily implement sustainable wealth building strategies.

4. I surround myself with accountability to ensure I meet my goals.

5. I have multiple streams of income.


1. I have someone that holds me accountable to my goals and commitments.

2. I have a clear vision that pulls me forward.

3. I consistently attend networking events where I meet people who fit my ideal client profile.

4. I have a follow-up strategy in place to continue the conversation and build relationships.

5. I take time out each week for personal growth and learning.

IV. CORE Action

1. I have written goals and take massive action to achieve them.

2. I have a calendar system that I like and refer to daily to keep me organized.

3. I review and reprioritize my to-do list on a weekly basis.

4. I am completely free of self-sabotage and procrastination.

5. I assess what's working in my business and make adjustments accordingly.

V. CORE Team

1. I have a system to know if my team's individual goals and aspirations are being fulfilled.

2. I have a process to measure my team's performance.

3. I know how to connect the strengths and skills to an individual's role on the team.

4. I have a process to unite my team with a concrete identity, common purpose & goals.

5. I know what truly drives the individuals on my team to take action.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0=not committed, 10=totally committed)

1. I value the offer of a complimentary discovery session and would like to schedule soon.

2. I am ready to invest in discoverimg my COREnerstone excellence that leads to profitability.

3. I am ready to invest in myself to get the support I need to experience breakthrough results.

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