Biz Whiz Quiz

Score your business in 15 key areas related to consistent business success (and YOUR satisfaction as CEO).

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Just about every entrepreneur I know created their own business with two goals in mind:  more money and more time. And often - because we love what we're doing - we entrepreneurs get so caught up in making a living that we forget to make a life. It's OK - I struggle with it sometimes too...

We must diagnose before we prescribe, so we've created this brief Biz Whiz Quiz to help you take inventory.  In just 4 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you're on track with leveraging your efforts to increase your profits.
  2. What areas you can focus on to achieve more freedom of time and personal satisfaction.

Then, check your inbox for your results AND some tips and tools you can get started with right away! 

0-3 = I haven't even started this yet.
4 -6= I've given this some attention.
7 -9= I'm doing really well here.
10 = I have totally mastered this.

I. Consistent Business Success

1. The business provides the lifestyle I desire.

2. I've created a strategic plan that is being used, measured against, and updated at least quarterly.

3. The business is profit driven, not merely revenue driven.

4. Services and/or products are packaged so that they produce a stream of income, not just a one-time sale.

5. I have more time than I need because everything is so well done or delegated.

6. I have a right-hand person or executive assistant who handles every detail so I have space.

7. I have a strong, happy, and healthy personal life with lots of physical activity and pleasure, so work is just work and not my life.

8. The business is drama-free.

9. I'm putting aside plenty of funds with which to become financially independent.

10. I enjoy creating blockbuster results for the firm.

11. Staff accountabilities are written and clear.

12. Our culture is cooperative rather than adversarial.

13. The business has a strong reputation for being the best in delivering service.

14. The firm has very large goals, and everyone is excited about reaching these goals.

15. I'm proud of myself as a human and as CEO.

II. Your Commitment Level (0=not committed, 10=totally committed)

1. I am ready to discover what I need to do to take my business to the next level.

2. I am open to investing in the support and guidance I need to make my business more profitable.

3. I want to reclaim the freedom of time and work / life balance that I thought entrepreneurship would offer.

4. I highly value the offer of a complimentary Biz Whiz Session and, if eligible, will book one soon.

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